December 16, 2008

Microsoft releases first iPhone app

Filed under: My Knowledge — Rahul Patel @ 1:30 pm

Engineers in the company’s Live Labs have released the company’s first application for Apple’s popular smartphone–even before making it available on Microsoft’s own mobile platform. Seadragon Mobile, which was added to Apple’s App Store on Saturday, is a free image-browsing app that allows users to quickly “deep zoom” images while online and is intended to demonstrate what is possible with a mobile platform.

Seadragon is the backbone for Microsoft’s Photosynth, which allows users to take a grouping of photographs and stitch them together into a faux 3D environment. Other iPhone apps are reportedly in development in Redmond; Microsoft’s Tellme unit was expected to release the company’s first iPhone app in the form of a voice-activated search for a variety of phones, including iPhone and BlackBerry.

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