January 7, 2010

Windows 7’s “God-Mode” Hack

Filed under: Tips n Tricks,Windows 7 — Rahul Patel @ 3:15 pm

One irritation with Windows – even the well-designed Windows 7 – is that various control panels (Autoplay, Action Center, Administrative Tools, etc.), tend to be spread around the OS in multiple locations, making management more time consuming.

Some may have known this already, but a new tweak is just now gaining public attention, which allows all of these control panels to be congregated in a single folder. To get access to this “God-Mode” super folder, all you have to do is create a new folder named:


Once you’ve completed the (re)name the folder’s icon will switch to a control panel. You’ll then be free to start performing all the administration tasks you’ve been putting off.


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