January 23, 2013

Configure the auto reply message for specified user mailbox

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Yesterday my management asked me that is there any way to configure auto reply message for one user. I had some doubt for this as we have exchange 2003 standard edition server, but after googling , i have found Yes it is Possible in Exchange 2003 server !!

Please follow this steps for configuring Auto Reply message:

The first thing you have to do is make sure the “Allow automatic Replies” box is ticked within the “Internet Message Formats” properties.

1. Open your Exchange System Manager
2. Expand your “global Settings Folder”
3. Right Click on “Internet Message Formats”
4. Select the “Advanced” tab
5. Tick the box “Allow automatic Replies”
6. Click “ok” to save the settings.
Now login to the mail account you want to send automatic reply from and set up a rule.
1. Start a new blank rule
2. select ” check messages when they arrive, then click “Next”
3. Don’t select anything, just click “next”
4. You should receive a message saying something like ” this will be applied to all message received, continue Yes / No”
5. click “Yes”
6. Select “Have Server reply using a specific message”
7. create the message then finish.

NOTE: Outlook does not have to be running for the Rules Wizard to automatically reply with a specific message. Also, you can configure Outlook to periodically check for new messages, and to hang up when it has completed sending and receiving messages.

You can also try following link from Microsoft:






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